Digital Radiology

We use state-of-the-art digital radiology in our hospital including digital x-rays and digital dental x-rays. Our software allows us to enlarge, highlight, and enhance our images. The results yield a more crisp and clean image. In addition to viewing the images we can burn them to a CD, send via e-mail to our clients or transmit them to radiology specialists for consultation.


Ultrasound is very useful in evaluating the internal organs in the abdomen. We can also perform echocardiograms using the ultrasound machine to evaluate the heart. We have board certified specialists travel to our hospital to perform these diagnostic tests.


We preform EKGs and the results are sent to a Board certified Cardiologist for review. It is then interpreted and comments are made regarding the nature of the problem, probable causes, and potential treatments.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Obtaining a blood pressure is more difficult in cats and dogs than it is in people. Monitoring blood pressure is very important in our patients, especially as they get older. Many diseases can cause an increase in blood pressure and if not managed properly the hypertension can further progress the disease. Hypertension can cause secondary problems such as blindness, kidney and heart disease. We recommend bi-annual blood pressure monitoring on all our patients greater than 7 years of age.


This procedure determines the fluid pressure in the eye. This an important test in evaluation patients at risk for glaucoma.